Stuck in the Middle

LAUSD teachers are going on strike in the Los Angeles area!  This will cause the first strike for Los Angeles teachers in 30 years. Schools planned for the teachers to go on strike and families were well aware. Schools made plans for students since there would be limited teachers, if any, available to teach students. Parents have been notified and have the option of sending their children to school. For many parents, sending their child to school is the only option because they would have to find additional accommodations for their child.

As an educator, I was stuck in the middle. It is sad to see that teachers have to go on strike to make any change in our school systems. A strike is a form of bargaining to get the demands. It is clear that what that change has not been made or teachers would not have gone on strike. It sends a message that teachers are uniting together and demanding better work for themselves. The teachers have every right to do so because teaching is a hard job. Sometimes teachers are placed in unfair situations. Teachers sometimes have poor working conditions, large class sizes, lack of resources, teachers are underpaid and overworked.

What this means for students is that they aren’t receiving an education because their teachers won’t be there. Some students look forward to seeing their teacher every day, and a school is a place where they feel safe. Without teachers, we take that away from children. Children had no fault in the current status of the education system but yet they are affected. It is essential that school officials and policies holders listen to teachers because we need teachers and students need them. I hope that it sends a message to create a ripple of change in our school systems.

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