5 Things I Want For Christmas

When Santa conducts his annual review of the nice or naughty list, I hope that all the voter registration and awareness events I participated in keep me planted firmly on the nice side.If so there are five things I desperately want for Christmas, and if I get them, 2019 will truly be a Happy New Year.

1. Actual, factual, effective police reform.Let’s face it: since their inception as slave patrols, police in the United States have had a contentious relationship with people of darker skin. It doesn’t matter that there are also melanin rich police officers; Blue outranks Black or Brown any day. The violence visited upon POC by the hands of law enforcement has only gotten worse through the decades, and holding those officers of the state  accountable seems to be an insurmountable task. Videos aren’t enough. Witnesses aren’t enough. Conclusive evidence of retreat, like bullet holes in the back of the victim, aren’t enough. The only thing that will make these officers and unions pay attention is hitting them hard in the courtrooms and pockets. The recent indictment of four St. Louis cops for beating an undercover cop posing as a protester gives a glimmer of hope; the indictment of Officer Amber Guyger for the murder of Botham Jean offers yet another. But we still have a long way to go. If Santa could deliver a comprehensive plan on how to make police understand they are public servants and not overseers on a plantation, so that they could stop killing innocent or unarmed Black and Brown people daily? That’d be great.

2. Muller’s case against Trump being airtight and undeniable, with an indictment by January 2019.I know, I know. Trump supporters don’t believe in facts or math or truth or science. But I still want this case to be so incontestable that they have no CHOICE but to say “well, I don’t care that he did it, I still love his ignorant, bigoted, sexist, racist rhetoric because I’m an ignorantly bigoted sexist racist and I will continue to vote against my own self interests. ‘MERICAAAAAA!!!” It will also give me pleasure to have his farce of a presidency (and everyone involved in it) looked at throughout history as criminal. It would be poetic justice if the indictment comes down for the anniversary of his inauguration, which is January 20th…but since that’s a Sunday, it would have to be made on the 21st…which is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

3. Pence being implicated as well, so that we can clean house completely. For all our talk of Trump being the worst, Pence is only a hair behind when it comes to evil. The problem is, Pence actually KNOWS how the government works, so he would create and support the same terrible policy decisions without all the gaffes. It would be less entertaining, more debilitating, and harder to undo. He gotta go too.

4. The Democratic Party finally getting it’s shit together and learning how to pick an effective presidential candidate for 2020.I’m already sick of hearing about who the democratic nominee should be. ALL. DAMB. READY. It’s not even the year before the election year yet, and there has been non-stop speculation of who should run. None of which seems to be based in any research of these people’s policies, mind you—it’s all about popularity. Some of the names being mentioned are only being mentioned because they gained notoriety for losing an election. The irony is that if popularity were this important to them in 2016, we wouldn’t even be IN this mess. Now it seems that’s the only applicable trait. GET IT TF TOGETHER PEOPLE. Cut the bullshit and get your heads in the game. We don’t need another president who’s popular on TV, but on paper their policies (and lack of preparation) are bad for the country. WE ALREADY HAVE THAT.

5. Colin Kapernick to win his case against the NFL the day after the Saints win the Superbowl. Listen. Fuck the NFL as a staff, record label and a crew, but I have been a New Orleans Saints fan all my life. I have not watched a game since Kaep was blackballed from the league, though…and it hurts. But a little birdie named SportsCenter keeps me posted with the scores and stats, and my boys look really good for a ring this year. I would LOOOOOVE for them to win another, just to piss Roger Goodell off. What would also piss him off? The entire organization being found guilty of collusion and having to come up off of that money they thought they were keeping Kaep from. If those things happened back to back? It’s a win for social justice, the city I love, and every NFL fan that has been singing #FireGoodell as their fight song. (Especially the owners of these NOLA restaurants.)

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