A Grandparent To Love

Everyday after school, my cousins and I would get dropped off at our grandparents house. They would help with homework, make sure we had dinner and get us ready for bed. It was the norm for my cousins and I. Our parents worked long hours so “maw maws” house was our house. I swear without our grandparents, I have no clue what our parents would have done.

Growing up, I never realized how important it was for me as well as my grandparents. Now 30 something years later (I said 30 something because y’all don’t need to know how old I am. lol) I get it. For a grandparent its much more than helping their kids out. It’s a sense of being needed and wanted. The joy it brings to them is unexplainable. That’s why when I saw the story of this 90 year old grandmother who has been volunteering at Friendship Public Charter School I had to share it.

I hope it gives you all the warm feelings it gave me. And if you are fortunate enough to still talk to your grandparents, give them a call and say “Maw Maw, I love you.”

Check it out here 



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