This Toy Allows Young Children to “Build Trump’s Wall”

What is on your child’s Christmas list this year? Legos, toy cars, Barbie’s, electronics? These are all things we would expect children to want.

However, this year someone decided it would be a good idea to make a “Presidential Wall Game” for children to add to their wishlists. The toy consists of bricks that allow children to “build that wall”, a President Donald Trump Figurine, and two trowels. The game, which I won’t link to, is rated for ages 9 and up and is listed on Amazon for $45.00. In what world is it ok to create and market something like this for children?

We have heard Trump talking about building this wall for quite some time. We get it. He wants to create a physical barrier between the United States and Mexico to keep immigrants out the United States. While the United States government has immigration issues to settle, making a mockery of a hostile situation in the form of a children’s toy is not a good idea.

To me, the toy sends a message to children that there should be barriers between two groups of people. Children don’t know usually understand concepts like immigration, and I don’t think young children need to be aware of the way he talks the president vilifies immigrants to our country. What happens when children of Mexican descent are in a class or peers with children with these type of “toys.”

When this becomes a joking matter and we allow children to play with a toy that promotes segregation, we are harming our future.

What conversations are you having with your child about President Trump or issues they may hear about in the news such as building a wall? Some children might be too young to have these conversations, but as they get older it’s a real possibility they are already learning about and discussing these things in school and with friends.

The best thing we can do is have open and honest conversations with children when they are old enough, reminding them to always be respectful when engaging in these discussions, but being real with them about what’s going on in the world.

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