Maybe My Vote Will Count: Putting my Faith in Voting

I’m not voting! The system is rigged! The politicians are predetermined! Polling stations are beyond illegal! My voice isn’t going to change the crappy political system that is masking as a fair democracy. I’m over it!

The feelings of defeat, societal failure, disruption, distrust, and corruption are real.

On the contrary, I also feel hopeful and faithful that positive and impactful change is soon to come. My hope and my action must meet. So even though I do not wish to act on things that I believe may not be helpful, I must act on the “may.”

Change “may” happen. Discrimination “may” end. People “may” stop killing others based on difference and hate.

The hope of future “mays” is not what fuels me entirely.  However, it is the combination of the “mays,” the progress, and the courage many people past and present exert to ensure that our rights are respected.

Maybe my one vote will count. Maybe my voice will influence others. Maybe I can build coalitions across various issues. Maybe my community will organize to vote for impact and not vote for the divisive parties.

And then there are the thoughts that I may not choose the appropriate candidate because I do not know enough about the issues or the problems.  Countering those thoughts with action is very simple. Ask for help!

Each time there is an election and I am not familiar with the candidate or their track record I call up a friend whose opinion I trust and who knows more than me. Because of the work I do (I’m a leadership and diversity consultant) most people think that I should know everything about politics. Wrong! I don’t have time to know “everything” I need to know. I’m not alone in that either. Many people who have the power to vote are either uninformed or misinformed.

Therefore, it is important that I have a strategy to get as much information I can in a small amount of time.

Another “maybe” I’ve been thinking about recently is the fact that many politicians are not advocating specifically for the support and advancement of Black American people.  There are so many hot topic agendas from economics, #MeToo, immigration, LGBTQ+ rights, and the environment. Of course, each of the hot topics affects Black Americans. However, I’ve yet to see a candidate promote a strong platform for the advancement of people in my immediate family and community.  This is also a concern for other Black Americans. Yet, people are afraid to advocate for a specific community because we live in a climate where pro-Black equals anti-“________.” (You fill in the blank.)

Nonetheless, I am going to vote on November 6th. I believe in my power as a change agent. I’m not naïve to think that an election will change my fight as an individual to stand up for what I believe in.

If you choose to vote and trust in the possibility of a small or huge “maybe,” thank you. If you choose not to vote and exercise your rights to be a change agent in another way, thank you too.

Whatever you may choose to do, remember that your voice is valid and together we can work towards a better United States of America and a better world.

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