Did you Register to Vote?

It’s hard to feel like your vote matters in this country, especially given the current state of affairs. I’ll admit it: I used to be the kind of person who only voted in presidential elections and didn’t really pay attention to the midterms.

But all that has changed for me.

The last few months have witnessed a whirlwind of political shenanigans, but it is important to remember that midterm  election season is upon us. This year’s season is perhaps the most important of our lifetimes. While the future of our country literally  revolves around the outcome of our voting, we still live in a society where huge percentages of eligible Americans do not vote. All of us need to realize that our vote is the primary way we make an  impact on determining who is chosen to be in office, and who will fight to push legislation that supports a better future for all of us.

We hear the expression  “every vote counts” repeated over and over, but we see drastically low numbers when it comes to voter turnout. Even in a state or county that may have a majority already set, every vote counts. Just a few votes have decided major elections in the recent past, including the presidency.

This is particularly true when it comes to millenials, as historically, the percentage of young voters in any election is  slim. Millennials must realize that their voices matter. Millennials now make up over half of the voting population, which gives them immense power to affect the outcome of policies that determine the outcomes of their lives (Fry, 2018). The ability to directly influence power and issues that might change their lives for years is right in their hands, butillennials have been slow to become involved in the political landscape. We have finally started to see a shift with the primary results from early 2018. Millennials are realizing the opportunities around them and the difference they can make on the current and future state of America. 

Voting is a choice that everyone should make. Voters should educate themselves about the candidates and support the individuals who will fight for issues they believe in. Many people around the world do not have the ability to vote in their country. We need to start spreading the importance of voting and encourage everyone to participate! 

I admit that, in the past, I have not participated in midterm elections. Now I see how important voting is, because look who we currently have in our office as president. I know that I don’t want another Trump or anyone who acts or supports the things he does in office It puts our country to shame how we allowed someone who carriers themselves in that manner represent our country, and voting in the midterms is the best way for average Americans to ensure that there is a governmental check on the president’s power.This motivated me, even more, to make sure I was registered to vote and to make sure I show up at the polls every time.

The importance of voting goes beyond our national government Voting for your local new mayor and governors can impact things that are happening right outside your back door, or the school your child attends. There are many Congressional seats that need to be filled. This is our time to take back our country and turn in back around. This is the time when we stick together to put people in office that care about the people and the state of the country.



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