Are Libraries Still Being Used?

By Natasha Coleman

I wonder with our technological savvy world-increasing daily if libraries are still being used? I decided to take a trip to the library to see for myself. It turns out there were more adults in the libraries than children. When I was growing up, kids loved going to the libraries to get new books, read there, or complete homework. Today, what I found was adults working in quiet rooms or on the computers, adults of all ages.  I thought to myself, “Where are all the children?

Although children can access books on their tablets and computers, I still think there is value in reading a hardback or paperback book. The library offers many books of different genres and levels. I also think if your child is not truly interested in reading, finding books about something they like will motivate them. The library offers many different themed books and they have librarians to help you find the perfect book.

The library also offers a great quiet place to focus on homework or receive tutoring. It provides a different atmosphere where your child might be able to focus. The library offers great programs for young children. They have story time and many events that help get children ready for kindergarten. Ultimately the library is a great place to promote reading and develop a love for books.