Parent Involvement: Parents View

By Cheryl Coleman

Research shows that parent involvement in schools improves student achievement, attendance, test scores and positive attitude. Being involved with my child’s school also shows her that I care about her education and schooling. My involvement provides a support for my daughter, which is important when she faces academic challenges or other issues with friendships or extra-curricular activities. It also means that I can go along the journey with her and be a part of the good and the bad.

I strongly feel that having parents involved help all children be disciplined, motivated and achieve regardless of their ethnic, social or racial backgrounds. By following along my daughter’s journey helps me be sensitive to her emotional and social needs. My involvement strengthens the bond with my daughter and it has built her confidence. It also builds a stronger relationship within her school, which helps with communicating with teachers.

My daughter seeing a unified approach between me and her teachers. I believe it helps her understand the importance of her education. Research shows that being involved also boosts the mental health of children. It encourages communication between children and parents, which can help with self-esteem, confidence and social skills. By me being involved helps me have a better perceptions of the school and a stronger commitment to the school. Parent involvement also benefits the teachers. Parents can assist with school-wide events, field trips, in the classroom, and other instances, which is greatly appreciated by the teachers.