Technology in the classroom

By Natasha Coleman

It isn’t weird nowadays to believe that children know more about technology than we do. They are growing up with having it as their norm. There are multiple technological devices in homes more now than ever. It is the way students communicate with their friends and families and it is something they enjoy. While I do believe technology has its draw backs, one being students losing the skill of effectively communicating with others in person, it does have many benefits. Having technology at home allows for parents and students to access resources and games that help them practice skills they are learning in the classroom where students have access to computers and sometimes iPads.

When I was in the classroom we had one iPad for every student. This was a dream come true for me. I could place educational games on the iPads for the students. Some programs tracked the student’s progress and I could review it.  I was also able to use technology to help students with special needs. I found that they respond well to technology and I could find educational tools that best fit their needs. Many of my students had a hard time focusing during reading aloud so I would use the iPad to replay the story for them or videotape myself reading and have them watch it.

The impact technology has on education is critical for students of all ages. For example, in high school older students heavily use technology to help them with homework, connect with teachers and peers and in some cases, complete homework assignments. However, one concern that I’ve heard from teachers who don’t use technology as much is, “does technology reduce the face-to-face time teachers have to actually teach?” I don’t think so. I believe technology has assisted a lot of educators, like me, with expanding ways in how we can teach and reach our students. Not all students learn the same and certainly, not all teachers teach the same. Therefore, we should welcome the various options that help us deliver high-quality educations to our students.