Nationwide Education Gap Widens Between Black & White Students

D.L. Chandler of News One, reports that Black and Latino students continue to be underserved in public schools compared to Whites, according to data from the 2nd annual New Education Majority Poll. Roland Martin invited a pair of education experts to the NewsOne Now panel to discuss how public education can benefit students of color.

Wade Henderson, president of the Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights, the organization that organized the New Education Minority Poll, and Michael Lopez, Ph.D., Principal Associate at Abt Associates, both offered their unique takes on the dearth of education equality on the public level.

We have struggled as a nation, certainly since the end of slavery, to try and make equality a reality and not just an aspirational goal. Education is the key to opportunity in American society, certainly one of the major keys, and the failure to provide adequate public education for all children regardless of race or ethnicity or background or economic status is one of the issues that defines whether opportunities really exist in a meaningful way,” Henderson said.

Lopez added, “Most of these discussions have been focused on the Black perspective and there are many similarities between the Black and Hispanic disparity issues, and saying there is equality is one thing but actually doing it down in the trenches on the front lines in the communities is a different issue. I think that this poll that Wade’s organization has done really helps to point out some important perceptions parents really have about what’s happening.

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