It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. Why some teachers don’t exactly appreciate it.

 Photo credit: Bernard Thomas/Herald-Sun via AP
Photo credit: Bernard Thomas/Herald-Sun via AP

According to Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post, this Teacher Appreciation Week, has left some teachers still feeling unappreciated.

Teachers are usually given gifts of pencils, apples and flowers, however teachers are asking for more than gestures this year. 

What they want, according to Strauss is for their profession to be respected in a way that accepts educators as experts in their field. They want adequate funding for schools, decent pay, valid assessment, job protections and a true voice in policy making.

As John Ewing, an educator and president of the nonprofit Math for America, wrote this in a piece for Huffington Post:

But while all this gratitude is great, it’s only part of what’s missing in American education policy. Real appreciation is more than flattery — it is reflected by actions, not merely words. … When it comes to talking or writing about education, we do not view teachers as experts. We do not trust them as professionals. Can you imagine an engineering conference without engineers as speakers? Can you imagine a science article with no input from scientists? Or a report on some breakthrough in medicine without a quote from a doctor? We treat the profession of teaching differently from all others.

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