Celebrating DC Public Charter Schools

 Photo Credit: Marilyn Nieves / iStock
Photo Credit: Marilyn Nieves / iStock

by DC Blog Team

More than 46% of students in Washington, DC attend public charter schools in the nation’s capital. And despite what side of the support-charter-schools issue you fall on, one fact that cannot be disputed is that public charter schools are continuing to make gains in student achievement. According to the results of the 2016 PARCC assessments, DC public charter school students saw a 4 and 2.5 percent increase in English Language Arts and Math, respectively as well as increases within all subgroups including Black, Hispanic, Special Education, English Language Learners, and Economically Disadvantaged.

And although public charter schools have technically been in existence for 25 years, there are still several misnomers believed about the charter sector. Here are the facts about public charter schools in DC.:

  • A public charter school is free and open to all students.
  • There are 118 public charter schools, operated by 65 nonprofits in D.C.
  • Public charter schools are where students can excel academically and mature emotionally
  • Public charter schools are committed to quality education
  • Public charter schools serve a student body that is equally or at times more disadvantaged, while outperforming traditional public schools

We celebrate all the public charter schools in Washington, DC this week in honor of National Charter School Week. Keep up the great work!