D.C. Teachers Make Plans to Support Each Other’s Initiatives Over A Private Soup Dinner

 Photo Credit: Matt McClain / THE WASHINGTON POST
Photo Credit: Matt McClain / THE WASHINGTON POST

According to Alejandra Matos of the Washington Post, About 30 D.C. teachers gathered for a dinner party to raise funds with other teachers and hear innovative ideas for school projects. 

Erin Thesing, a teacher at Maury Elementary School in Northeast, and two other educators have organized three of these dinners this school year, and they have plans for another before the summer. They have dubbed it DC Soup, an idea modeled after programs in Philadelphia and Detroit that fund teacher, artist and activist projects.

The goal of DC Soup is to raise funds for worthy class projects for teachers who often spend their own money on supplies and other educational needs for students. Many of the teachers come from schools where there is little or no financial help available from a parent group. Their schools often can’t spare a few hundred dollars for projects that do not fit neatly within the curriculum.

But the gatherings also are a chance for teachers from charter and regular schools to share experiences with colleagues from across the city. They talk about anything from what it is like to be a novice in a new school to how to run an after-school theater program in addition to their regular duties. Read more here.