D.C. Public School Enrollment Spikes Again Due To Charter Schools

 Photo Credit:  Center for Education Reform
Photo Credit:  Center for Education Reform

According to Lenore T. Adkins of the The AFRO newspaper, enrollment in D.C. Public Schools has spiked for the eighth year in a row.  Enrollment has increased to 90,061 students for the 2016-17 academic year.

Charter school growth in the fourth and ninth grades has also risen, Tomeika Bowden, director of communications for the Public Charter School Board shared with the AFRO. Both Bridges Public Charter School (PCS) and KIPP DC Spring Academy PCS added a fourth grade this school year, while Washington Leadership Academy and Goodwill Center PCS opened and added freshmen.

Fourth grade growth increased by 11.2 percent, while ninth grade saw 11.1 percent gains. Data from the District of Columbia Charter School Board shows 75.7 percent of its charter school students are Black and nearly 78 percent are low income.

Enrollment in traditional D.C. public schools gained 116 students, for a total of 48,555 students for the 2016-17 school year, per the data.

“The District is becoming an attractive place to live and people from across the country are moving here and sometimes they start families and they begin looking for educational options,” Fred Lewis, a spokesman for the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, told the AFRO. “And through the diligent work of both the school sectors — the DCPS and the public charter schools — they are seeing that the quality of education is improving, they want to be part of that movement and they also want to become involved.” Read more here.