DC Elementary School Bed Bug and Rodent Problem Worse Than Initially Reported

 Photo Credit: ABC 7 News
Photo Credit: ABC 7 News

According to Mike Carter-Conneen of ABC 7 News, another school has reported an infestation of bed bugs. Parents of students at DCPS Miner Elementary School are angry saying that they were not notified about the bedbugs. Frustration is growing after what some parents believed was a slow response to an earlier infestation at Savoy Elementary School. Students there had to be transferred and will remain there temporarily until extermination and clean up is complete. 

Parent, Sade Thomas has three children at Miner. She shared with ABC 7 that she believes all parents should be notified each time – and any time – bed bugs are spotted.

“Don’t identify the child because he’s innocent. But identify the problem. Like identify the problem for the whole school,” she said.

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