Students to be temporarily relocated for weeks due to bed bug, rodent problem at DC school

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According to FOX 5 DC, D.C. Public Schools spokesperson Michelle Lerner has finally addressed parents concerns and outrage over a bed bug and rodent infestation at Savoy Elementary School. Lerner announced a temporary relocation to Ferebee-Hope Elementary School starting Wednesday. In addition to the relocation, the school district will also provide transportation to the school. Savoy Elementary School was shut down on Monday and will be closed until the building has been cleaned and exterminated.

“We will be at the Ferebee Campus for several weeks, and expect to move back to Savoy by the end of the month,” said Lerner.

Newly instated DCPS Chancellor Antwan Wilson said the school system is “committed to ensuring all students and staff are safe, and that the school environment is conducive to learning.”

A thorough cleaning of the building started last Friday night, and all soft materials, including rugs, cots, blankets and pillows, inside the building will be removed. A safety and health inspection of the entire building will also occur, Wilson said. Read more here.