Building Bridges Instead of Walls

During the campaign, President-Elect Donald Trump made obvious his intent to expand school choice. His new nominee for education secretary, Betsy DeVos, has only solidified his emphasis on the new possibilities for K-12 education. However, Peter Cunningham of US News and World Report suggests that Team Trump should begin looking to build bridges between themselves and the education sector, starting with a unique charter-district collaboration.  

According to Cunningham, charter-district collaboration is what has been described as the “great unfilled promise” of the so-called school choice movement. Public charters most often act independently of charter schools and don’t stand to learn from each other concerning the ways that technology, classroom management, post-graduate support, parent engagement and more can be used and implemented. 

The Gates Foundation has given this collaborative operating plan a larger platform after it donated $25 million in grants to seven cities to promote charter-district collaboration around issues such as professional development, implementing higher standards, personalized learning, universal enrollment systems and common metrics to help families evaluate schools.

The Center for Reinventing Public Education tracked the results of the effort and found that the benefits of collaboration extended to everyone. Read more here.