D.C. Schools Use App to Improve Student Attendance

With the increasing rise in smart technology use, educators and school administrators are searching for ways to use mobile apps to their advantage. 

According to ABC7 D.C. educators are riding the tech power curve by relying on smart phones to tackle truancy rates. Chronic truancy stands at 16 percent for D.C. Public Schools and 14 percent for D.C. Public Charter Schools.

Katherine Turner is Assistant Principal at Stuart Hobson Middle School in Northeast told ABC7, “Truancy was a very large problem four years ago here at Stuart Hobson. We had 18 percent of our students missing 10 or more days unexcused.”

The new mobile app called Show Up, Stand Out has has played an integral role in their new truancy reduction program which has helped drop that number to just one percent.

The program director of Show Up Stand Out Brenda Aleman, explained, “It really is an app launched for students by students.” The design has been likened to Facebook, allowing students to communicate about attendance through posts with the hope that positive peer pressure will reduce truancy. Read more here.