NAACP Moves Forward on Charter School Moratorium

  Photo Credit: Alan Spearman/AP
 Photo Credit: Alan Spearman/AP

The NAACP introduced its controversial moratorium on charter schools back in October of this year. According to Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization is now moving ahead on its position after announcing a series of state level issues. 

The NAACP called for a moratorium on expanding public charter school funding until more oversight of these schools and more transparency from school operators is available. 

The position was widely supported by the Movement for Black Lives and the nonprofit Journey for Justice Alliance. However, this decision was greatly criticized by charter school supporters which included other civil rights groups. This opposition reveals the large division in the African-American community over the privatization of public education. 

Charter schools play a major role in education reform and are publicly funded. They are operated independently  and are often hailed as an alternative for parents whose children would otherwise be stuck in a poorly performing traditional public school. 

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