Race-based student transfer program could evolve with new criteria

In a new article from St. Louis Public Radio’s Dale Singer, St. Louis area school students will soon be facing a new set of criteria required to participate in the voluntary student transfer program. Currently the system is based on race, however according to David Glaser, who leads the Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corp. (VICC) sponsoring the transfers, the could be a change to the transfer criteria so they are based on something else, such as family income.

The change is expected to be decided as early as Friday with a proposal that aims to phase out the race based criteria over the next five years. This is expected to affect more 70,000 students over the next 30 years. 

Glaser adds that, whether they have taken part in the program or not in the past, county districts have expressed interest in a program based on family income, not just race. “Districts are unanimous in terms of their support,” Glaser said. “Boards see the benefit of the program, not only for kids from the city but also for their resident students as well, to be educated in a more diverse environment.”

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