Uncertainty Remains about the Impact of a Trump Presidency on Education

In this week’s McClatchyDC, Kyra Gurney details the uncertainty surrounding President-Elect Donald Trump following a wave of vague promises for charter schools during the campaign season. With Trump’s ideas differing tremendously from his predecessor, charter school advocates are anxiously awaiting detailed plans which describe exactly how a Trump administration will “expand” charter school growth and funding as briefly described on his website

Trump once claimed the be “the nation’s biggest cheerleader for school choice” promising to shrink the Department of Education and change the education system. Though details on his proposed policy is scarce, there is certainty when it comes to limitations on the overhaul he describes. 90 percent of funding for public schools comes from state and local governments. Gurney suggests that there are ways around some of these limitations and highlights five major ways a Trump Administration could impact education. Read more here.