D.C. Charter Schools Outperform District’s Public Schools

 PHOTO CREDIT: Chris Garner / Getty Images
PHOTO CREDIT: Chris Garner / Getty Images

An article by Maureen Sullivan of Forbes.com reveals that final results of the second year of PARCC standardized testing in the District of Columbia show charter schools outperformed traditional public schools in elementary and high school grades. Overall, there’s a lot of work to be done in both categories of schools because only about one quarter of the total students are meeting or exceeding expectations in math and English language arts.

In language arts, 29% of students in charters reached the highest levels of 4 (meeting expectations) and 5 (exceeding expectations). That’s compared with 25.5% of  students in public schools. (Yes, I know charters are public schools, but I will divide them into those two categories to make this more understandable.

In math, 26% of charter students reached the highest levels, 4 and 5, compared with 23.9% of public school students.

For the charters, that was an increase of 4 percentage points in language arts and 2.5 percentage points in math over the previous year, which was the first time the PARCC exams were administered. PARCC is one of two multi-state exams that were created following the move toward Common Core curriculum standards across the country. Read more on Forbes.com